“Over the past two decades Tom’s expertise in consulting and management has helped Robinson Electric Company, Inc. tremendously as we’ve continued to grow our business into different markets and successfully transitioned from a second generation to a third generation of ownership. Tom’s unique ability to engage one on one at an executive level as well as at a team level with all of our employees has benefited our company greatly. There’s no question that Tom’s work has played a major role in the continued success at Robinson Electric Company!”  -  Brian Robinson, CEO

“We value the DiSC profile so much we want to have it prior to finalizing the employment package. The work you have done with our group is really starting to blossom.”  -  Bryan P. Phillips, Vice President of Operations / Partner, Metro Mechanical, LLC

"You've really helped me a lot." - Randy Sharman, President, A&B Electric Company

"It's always a pleasure to spend time with you as I always walk away feeling much smarter!!" - Devon Loggins, CEO

"Tom, your work is paying off!"  Spontaneous owner comment about the benefits of Monday morning staff meetings.

Spontaneous remark after a monthly call with a CEO: "You left me in a good place."

On offsite leadership development retreat: “I was very pleased with how the retreat went. All the discussions I've had with Team Leaders has been very positive. We enjoyed working with you.” - Jim Meads, Owner and CEO

"Tom guides me in making decisions to help our company become better." - Dax Alexander, Owner and CEO

"Inevitably, when we meet something strategic comes to mind that I think about until we next talk.  I find that invaluable." Tom Byrne, Owner and CEO

"Tom is my trustworthy sounding board who will not just absorb but will also give me valuable and critical feedback.  We often discuss confidential information that I cannot talk about with just anyone." - Jerry Maxcy, JESCO Inc.

"The thing I like best about Wagner Consulting Group is their commitment to our company. Moreover, Tom Wagner has an uncommon breadth of experience, and is up to date on modern business practices. Tom comes up with practical solutions to my challenges at work, and is a valuable sounding board for business issues. I highly recommend Wagner Consulting Group." -- William Hux, President and CEO

"Thanks for the personal attention you give us in your professional duties. Your efforts to work with, advise us, and make us a better and stronger firm are appreciated by all of us who rely on the services you offer us. We look forward to continuing this business relationship and friendship." -- Slade Exley, Senior Vice President

"Your work with Charlie turned him into an irreplaceable asset."-- David Turner, President and Owner

"While we have much work yet to do, in less than six months our morale has increased, our individual productivity has increased, our backlogs have decreased, and everyone is really on the team and participating in the program. We certainly could not have accomplished anything approaching the present situation without your input and leadership." Allen Wood, Jr., President and Owner 

"I want to personally thank you for your professional services in assisting our firm during our strategic planning efforts. Not only were your services exactly what we needed, they helped us expand our horizons. I greatly appreciate your ability to manage unique personalities and keep everyone focused toward the ultimate goal for the entire organization." -- Gary Bailey, President and Partner

"Over the past several years, your consultation has helped guide us through what we considered to be groundbreaking projects and decisions, as well as everyday issues. You are always accessible, and your focused attention to even the smallest detail is exemplary. As a business owner, my responsibilities often seem endless. You've helped me concentrate on those issues that truly need my personalized efforts."-- Danny Holmes, President and Owner

"As a CEO I am bombarded with many demands on my time and countless routine business activities. The hour I spend monthly in consultation with you helps me refine my leadership talents which in turn builds loyalty to myself, the organization and our goals. I feel so much better after one of our meetings because as we talk I can cut through the clutter and concentrate on the really important issues. Before, I knew I just had to get these things done; after, I have a plan. My brain is in a different gear when you leave.” -- Becky Hudgens, President and CEO

"My experience with Wagner Consulting Group has been very positive. The firm has an uncommon mix of capabilities that has addressed our specific needs in a presentation format which is brief, digestible, and most important usable." -- Mark S. Bounds, President and Owner

"I know Tom Wagner to be a very capable management consultant and advisor. I have used his services with much success for several years. I can recommend Tom, without reservation, for any project he proposes as a consultant." -- Charles Leggett, President and Owner

"Tom Wagner has been responsive to my needs and concerns, has gained the trust and cooperation of my senior managers, and has reliably delivered what he promised. Wagner Consulting Group has a rare combination of capabilities that has served us well." -- Percy Thornton, President and Owner

"I just want to take time to let you know what I have been saying about you to many of my best clients. I recommend Wagner Consulting so that you can quickly diagnose their frustration and the roadblocks in their businesses. I know of no one who so regularly and efficiently delivers business owners and managers the tools to help them accomplish their true goals." Tom Byrne, Jr., President and Owner

“We want to express our appreciation to Wagner Consulting Group for designing and implementing our recent leadership training series. We gained invaluable lessons regarding human behaviors which will guide our actions toward motivating our employees and dealing with our clients. Our leadership team feels strongly that the training sessions provided insight which promotes self-improvement and leadership development to further our professional careers.” -- Robert Hughes, CEO

"I have found Tom to exhibit exceptional knowledge and ability in his field. He has consistently been popular with clients and has a knack for understanding the wants and needs of business owners as well as their children and employees. His ideas are creative and innovative, and his broad background and experience give him a unique insight that benefits his clients." -- Steve Stubblefield, Partner


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