Strategic Planning

We now live in a world of volatility, uncertainty, change, and ambiguity, and traditional planning methods are inadequate for today’s open-ended and ill-defined challenges.  These “adaptive” challenges require observations and insights from new perspectives. 

Clients tell me they want something different, not the same old agenda, and I am delivering those new innovations.  My agendas feature memorable experiences from war games to storytelling to commitment gut checks, and all have final exercises that produce crystal-clear action plans.

Depending on the circumstances, my planning retreats last from 5 hours to two full days, but all share the following common goals:

1 - Gaining perspective on how our business environment has changed,
2 - Seeing ourselves through multiple lenses to discover new opportunity areas,
3 - Developing two Cornerstone Strategies for the coming year, and
4 - Defining plans, accountability assignments, and mileposts to give life to strategies.


“I just want to take time to let you know what I have been saying about you to many of my best clients. I recommend Wagner Consulting Group so that you can quickly diagnose their frustration and the roadblocks in their businesses. I know of no one who so regularly and efficiently delivers business owners and managers the tools to help them accomplish their true goals.” -- Tom Byrne Jr., CPA


“Tom Wagner exhibits exceptional knowledge and ability in his field. He has consistently been popular with clients and has a knack for understanding the wants and needs of business owners as well as their children and employees. His ideas are creative and innovative, his broad background and experience give him a unique insight that benefits his clients.” -- Steve Stubblefield, Estate Planning Attorney

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