Strategic Planning

We now live in a world of volatility, uncertainty, change, and ambiguity, and traditional planning methods are inadequate for today’s open-ended and ill-defined challenges.  These “adaptive” challenges require observations and insights from new perspectives. 

Clients tell me they want something different, not the same old agenda, and I am delivering those new innovations.  My agendas feature memorable experiences from war games to storytelling to commitment gut checks, and all have final exercises that produce crystal-clear action plans.

Depending on the circumstances, my planning retreats last from 5 hours to two full days, but all share the following common goals:

1 - Gaining perspective on how our business environment has changed,
2 - Seeing ourselves through multiple lenses to discover new opportunity areas,
3 - Developing two Cornerstone Strategies for the coming year, and
4 - Defining plans, accountability assignments, and mileposts to give life to strategies.



“I just want to take time to let you know what I have been saying about you to many of my best clients. I recommend Wagner Consulting Group so that you can quickly diagnose their frustration and the roadblocks in their businesses. I know of no one who so regularly and efficiently delivers business owners and managers the tools to help them accomplish their true goals.” -- Tom Byrne Jr., CPA

"This was the best meeting that I remember since being involved in management planning." Vice-president

"The most valuable activity was developing and prioritizing action plans."  President

"The most valuable topic for me was setting growth goals and creating action plans to achieve those goals."  Vice-president & Division Manager

"The most enjoyable activity for me was the process of planning and creating a positive Environment." President & Owner

"Exceeded expectations.  Very valuable process and exercise."  Senior Project Manager

“Tom Wagner exhibits exceptional knowledge and ability in his field. He has consistently been popular with clients and has a knack for understanding the wants and needs of business owners as well as their children and employees. His ideas are creative and innovative, his broad background and experience give him a unique insight that benefits his clients.” -- Steve Stubblefield, Estate Planning Attorney






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