Leadership Development

Developing people's leadership skills is our most significant competency. We help existing leaders become more effective, and teach potential leaders how to set and achieve goals, guide and direct other people, influence and persuade employees and customers, analyze and adjust plans, and more. Helping people reach their full potential underpins most of our work for clients.

Teaching and practice focused on taking action, with celebration when things go well
and supportive redirection when things go wrong

2014 Leadership Retreat for an Engineering Firm

CASE STUDY: Leadership Development at a Design Firm

Wagner Consulting Group designed and carried out a six-month leadership development program for a multidisciplinary design firm. Four partners and 12 other high-potential managers participated in a series of six sessions covering topics from understanding human behavior to building essential leadership skills.

The leadership development program was customized to this client’s needs, and featured personality profiles, confidential surveys, and exercises designed to explore how others (clients, competitors, and employees) perceived the firm. Monthly 1½-hour meetings provided an out of the ordinary environment, and employees learned to think and interact in new ways.

This client has a long-standing commitment to people development at all levels of the organization, and was no stranger to leadership training at the partner level. The partners’ goal for this effort was to continue to build an effective management team and improve service to clients. Participants rated this training very favorably on confidential Report Cards grading Wagner’s performance. Moreover, participants took away specific action items to help them grow personally, improve the operations at their office, and strengthen the firm.


“Thanks for the personal attention you give Neel-Schaffer in your professional duties. Your efforts to work with, advise us, and make us a better and stronger firm are appreciated by all of us who rely on the services you offer us. We look forward to continuing this business relationship and friendship.” -- Slade F. Exley, P.E., Senior Vice President

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this leadership training and hate to see it ending. I do not often see the benefit of some of the training out there today, but this has been great and I have learned much about myself.” -- Mark Pipper, Director

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