Executive Coaching

A good executive coach is a thought partner who brings clarity to key issues and helps develop a plan for addressing those issues.  This is a supportive process that uses the client's strengths to broaden their horizon and lead them to effective, often creative,  solutions.  One of the first things I do is give leaders a safe place to vent.  When a vent turns into a rant, I begin to steer the conversation to what is and what can be. 

Leaders value these sessions because:

  • They have accountability, to themselves and me
  • They can bookmark ideas that flit across their landscape between meetings for future discussion
  • Some say "this is the only time during the month that I work ON the business, not IN the business"

Since 1993 Tom Wagner has enabled owners and senior executives to cut through the noise and identify what needs to be done and how to do it. Tom does more than just give advice; he often plays a hands-on role in carrying out plans.

Typically, Tom meets with the executive monthly for 60 to 90 minutes, in person or by telephone. Tom has a written agenda for every meeting which he shares with the client a week in advance. This ensures follow through on pending matters and engages the client’s subconscious mind so that new ideas are more likely to arise during the coaching meeting.


"My monthly talks with Tom are very valuable.  A month never passes without me having at least one important topic to ask Tom about at our next call." - Vice President

“I look forward to these calls as much as anything else I do.  I think of them as a ‘staff meeting for me.’  It’s good to hear from another voice to validate things we’re doing well, just as it’s good to focus on areas that we can improve.  I come out of each call energized and charged up.”

"As a company owner, Tom is the ear I need when no one else seems to understand!" - William Hux

"Tom is my trustworthy sounding board who will not just absorb but will also give me valuable and critical feedback.  We often discuss confidential information that I cannot talk about with Just anyone." ~ Jerry Maxcy

"Because you know how I think, you consistently keep me on track.  There is nobody internally who can do this." ~ CEO

"I always appreciate your counsel and advice" -- Mike Pumphrey, Corporate General Counsel

“As a CEO I am bombarded with many demands on my time and countless routine business activities. The hour I spend monthly with you helps me refine my leadership talents. I feel so much better after one of our meetings because as we talk I can cut through the clutter and concentrate on the really important issues. My brain is in a different gear when you leave.” -- Becky Dotson, President and CEO

"With Tom, I can stop and step off the ride for an hour.  He drops by in his airplane and lets me fly over the farm."  - Tom Byrne, Owner and CEO

“As a business owner, my responsibilities often seem endless. You’ve helped me concentrate on those issues that truly need my personalized efforts.” -- Danny Holmes, Owner

“I value your ability to help me concentrate on key focus areas and accountability so I can become a more effective leader.” -- George Malouf, CEO

“My regular meetings with you help me concentrate on things I would not do otherwise. They also make me do a better job of preparing for company staff meetings because I know you will critique the meeting agenda.” -- Ron Emery, Owner and President

“Mr. Wagner’s services have been invaluable to me in my many varied activities. He has an uncanny ability to help me and clearly identify options that I have at my disposal when facing difficult business decisions. His ability to succinctly and clearly put his ideas on paper is extraordinary.” -- Jim Herring, Attorney

“You let me run my mouth until I can leave it behind.” -- William A. Hux, CEO

"I chose Wagner Consulting Group because of Tom’s ability to understand and grasp my needs, and his ability to outline meaningful solutions to those needs. I received personal attention tailored to my specific situation, thoughtful analysis, and clear presentation of findings and recommendations." -- Mark S. Bounds, Owner & President

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