Business Development

Improving a business, whether by growth, profitability improvement, or both is often dependent on management development. Growth has its own dynamic, however, and Wagner Consulting Group helps companies achieve and manage growth.

CASE STUDY: Marketing Strategy for Engineering Firm

Principals at this firm recognized the need for a more effective marketing effort, and asked Wagner Consulting Group to help transform this desire into reality. Wagner worked with principals and key managers to develop a marketing strategy, and – most significantly – also identified changes in other areas necessary to achieve business development goals.

Working as a group and individually, Wagner assisted the senior managers in identifying the most promising client types and engineering services. We emphasized expanding services to existing clients, and ultimately created a matrix reflecting market development priorities. Important supporting elements of the plan included better internal communication, clarity of expectations, and personal accountability.

The firm is now enjoying the fruits of its efforts. It has established a new out-of-state office and operates two additional in-state offices following an acquisition.

CASE STUDY: Growth at “Internet Speed"

Wagner managed the rapid growth of a nationwide Internet service provider, which grew from ten to more than 160 employees in nine months. This included hiring, establishing personnel policies, and setting up offices in four states. Besides organic growth, the company carried out numerous acquisitions during this time.

The major investors in this start-up company retained Wagner Consulting Group because of their previous experience with the firm. Wagner initially focused on marketing strategies, including target customer groups, sales channels, and advertising. This marketing focus shifted first to coaching when a sales manager was hired, and then to operations when Tom Wagner was asked to serve as a temporary Chief Operating Officer. Over the course of the nine-month engagement as COO, Wagner had hands-on responsibility for establishing new offices and two nationwide call centers in Mississippi and California. Times being what they were, all this took place in “Internet Time” (really, really fast).

In addition to office space leasing and build out, purchasing telecommunications equipment and furniture, and hiring managers and other employees for headquarters and other offices, Wagner established H/R policies and saw that they were systematically carried out.

A survivor of the dot com bust, this company is in business today.

CASE STUDY: Growth at “Double-in-Six Months Speed"

The owner of a commercial subcontractor wanted to double his workforce in six months, and hired Wagner Consulting Group to devise a strategic growth plan. The immediate goal was to increase headcount from 60 to 120 employees. The owner’s ultimate objective was to increase profit to fund an employee buyout of the business using an ESOP and direct share purchases by senior managers.

Wagner began by systematically evaluating the company (operations, competencies, and growth capacities), but delivered the most value by helping the executive team clarify and document their core beliefs, principles, and mission. The resulting values guided hiring strategies, compensation plans, and organization structures.

As you might guess, it took longer than six months to double the workforce, but that goal was exceeded long ago. Today the company has expanded from one location to three, the previous owner is enjoying retirement (he took up golf late in life, once he had time), and the business has a reputation that attracts top-flight employees.


“While we have much work yet to do, in less than six months our morale has increased, our individual productivity has increased, our backlogs have decreased, and everyone is really on the team and participating in the program. We certainly could not have accomplished anything approaching the present situation without your input and leadership.” -- Allen Wood, Jr., President

“Your implementation of the new MIS programs has greatly enhanced the ability of our CEO to quickly and easily determine sales and profitability for almost any given time. The final programs which I use today are exactly what I requested. They are simple and perform without error and the documentation is excellent and concise.” -- Gregg Guion, MIS Director

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