Overall Goal: Help people deal with change

Specialty Areas

  • Executive coaching
  • Succession planning
  • Building cohesive teams

Trust → Mastering Conflict → Commitment → Accountability → Results

Our value proposition

  • We help improve internal communication
  • We help build employee leadership skills
  • We help design long-term strategies for a sustainable company
  • We help increase profits
  • We help reduce waste

Primary Markets

  • CEOs of private businesses with $1M to $100M in revenue
  • Construction and service industries

Tom Wagner is president of Wagner Consulting Group, Inc. Prior to founding the firm in 1993, Tom held senior management positions in the banking, energy, and telecommunications industries. In addition to this broad general management background, he brings hands-on experience in leading start-up companies through successful growth stages, mergers and acquisitions, and organizational restructuring.

Tom earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Science from Florida State University in 1972, but has worked earnestly since then to overcome this training. He is skillful at analysis and planning, but knows that the only way to make progress is to influence other people to change their beliefs – a process that requires not only strategic thinking, but creative thinking.

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